Complete performance of Beethoven’s string quartets in six concerts

This project includes the complete performance of  Beethoven’s quartets ( six quartets from op. 18, the three “Rasumovskij” from op. 59, op. 74 (“Harp“), op. 95 (“Serioso”) and the latest group (op. 127, op.130 with the Grosse Fuge, op.131, op.132 and op. 135).

Those 17 quartets are to be performed in 6 concerts, distributed as following:


I concert

  • op. 18 n.5
  • op. 135
  • op. 59 n.3

II concert

  • op. 18 n.2
  • op. 130
  • op. 133 (Grande Fuga)

III concert

  • op. 18 n.6
  • op. 74
  • op. 59 n. 2

IV concert

  • op.18 n.4
  • op. 95
  • op.131

V concert

  • op. 18 n. 3
  • op. 18 n. 1
  • op. 127

VI concert

  • op. 59 n.1
  • op. 132

In these meetings, not only will be examined the quartets played in that evening’s concert but also the different aspects of writing and poetics in Beethoven, related to his lifetime evolution: this through examples given with instruments, presentation of themes and structural parts of the compositions (always using a non-technical language, understandable by everyone).

At the same time in each meeting the main problems of interpretation of these quartets will be described, focusing each time on a different aspect (eg. dynamics, agogics, technical aspects of performance, ensemble and balance problems)
In every concert (except for the last one, due to duration reasons) three Beethoven quartets belonging to different periods will always be performed, therefore each concert will be a journey into Beethoven’s universe.

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