Quartetto Foné’s repertoire focuses on L. van Beethoven and B. Bartok works, performed in complete sets for several Italian music associations.

It is also devoted all along to the diffusion of contemporary music with first performances of composers Pennisi, Guarnieri, Cappelli, Aralla, Grossi and others.


Repertoire in 2013 – 2015

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L. Boccherini

• String Quartet op. 32 n. 4 in A maj


J. Haydn (R. Hoffstetter)

• String Quartet op. 3 n. 5 in F maj Hob. III: 17 (Serenaden-Quartett)


J. Haydn

• String Quartet op. 74 n. 3 in G min “Reiterquartett”

• String Quartet op. 76 n. 2 in D min “Le Quinte”

• String Quartet op. 76 n.3 in C maj “Kaiser-quartett”


W. A. Mozart

• String Quartet in G maj K387

• Adagio e fuga in C min K546

• String Quintett in G min K516 for two violins, two altos and violoncello

• Quintett in A maj K581 per clarinet and String Quartett


L. van Beethoven

• String Quartet op. 18 n. 1 in F maj

• Quintett op. 29 in C maj for two violins, two altos and violoncello

• String Quartett op. 59 n. 1 in F maj

• String Quartett op. 59 n. 3 in C maj

• String Quartett op. 132 in A min

• String Quartett op. 133 in B flat maj “ La Grande Fuga”


F. Schubert

• Quartettsatz in C min D 703 (1820)

• Pianoquintett op. 114 in A maj “Die Forelle” D 667 (1819)

• String Quartett in D min D 810 “Der Tod und das Mädchen” (1824)

• Quintett op. 163 in C maj for two violins, alto and two cellos D 956


F. Mendelsshon

• Octet in E flat maj per 4 violins, 2 altos and two cellos op. 20


R. Schumann

• Piano quintett op. 44 in E flat maj

• String Quartett in A maj op. 41 n.


J. Brahms

• String Quartett op. 51 n. 2 in A min

• Piano quintett op. 34 in F min

• Quintett for clarinet and string op. 115 in B min

• String sextet op. 18 in B flat maj

• String sextet op. 36 in G maj


G. Verdi

• String Quartett in E min


P. I. Tchaikovsky

• String sextet op. 70 in D maj “Souvenir de Florence”


C. Debussy

• String Quartett op. 10 in G min


M. Ravel

• Introduzione e Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet and String Quartett

• String Quartett in F


J. Turina

• Oraciòn del torero


R. Strauss

• Metamorphosen (Versione per sette archi)


A. Webern

• Langsamer Satz (1905)


B. Bartòk

• String Quartett n. 3 (1927)

• String Quartett n. 6 (1939)


B. Britten

• Phantasy Quartet per oboe, violin, alto and cello (1932)


B. Maderna

• String Quartett


M. Castelnuovo Tedesco

• Quintett for guitar and string op. 143 (1950)


D. Schostakovich

• String Quartett n. 8 op. 110 (1960)

• Piano quintett op. 57

• Preludio e scherzo for string octet op. 11


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